Roll off Trailer
Roll off PUP Trailer - NEW

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  • Price: Call for details
  • Model: TADPXX24
  • Year: 2021
  • Suspension: Hutch 9700
  • Type: Spring
  • Tires: 255/70R22.5
  • Length: 24'
  • Rail Length: 23'
  • Axles: Meritor
  • Condition: NEW
  • Manufacturer: BENLEE



Pup Trailers are great for doubling your carrying capacity in that you can carry two boxes at once. Pups come in two, three and four axles. Here at BENLEE we stock two axle Pup Trailers for immediate shipment. The most common Pup is a two axle "Dead" pup, so that is what we stock. We can build you a live Pup as well that has full hydraulics and when used with a dolly can be the same as a roll off truck! Call us today at 734-722-8100 for a quote. We are the #1 roll off trailer manufacturer in the U.S., selling pup semi-trailers that have no hydraulics or others that have a complete set of lifting and loading hydraulics. If you are looking for pup trailers for sale, near me, call us in that we ship to Texas, Canada, California, Florida, NC. SC, IL, PA and more! Of course some call these roll off dumpster trailers. Yes we sell them. These are typically used to carry behind roll off trucks, so you have a roll off truck with a pup trailer. At times we have used pup trailers in stock. These are heavy duty roll off trailers that are meant to take abuse.