Roll Rite Tarping Systems for Sale at BENLEE. Parts, Motors, Switches, 10120, 10200

December 25, 2017

Roll Rite Tarp Systems for Sale-BENLEE

Parts, Motors, Switches, 10200, 1o120

Roll off Trucks, Trailers, Dump Trucks

Roll Rite Tarp systems and parts are for sale at BENLEE.  We are an authorized dealer of Roll Rite, stocking all parts and shipping same day! This includes motors, switches, arms, relays and more. Stocking:






and MORE!

BENLEE can do complete installation of your Roll Rite system.  We sell motor relays like 10698 and even sell 10914 Rite touch rocker switch kit with the 10698 relay.  If you have a Dump Truck, roll off trailer roll off truck tarp system, call us. We even sell Lugger Truck Roll off systems and tarps for flatbeds and Hook lift trucks.  Tarp gear motors in stock to ship same day. A Roll Rite Authorized Distributor stocking all you need for your retractable tarping systems and tarpaulin. Even the 20120 gear motors worm gear are items we sell. We support key fob and remote control systems for automated systems and tarp spool kits and tarp gear motors including Super Duty Factory parts.  Call us for wiring diagrams and specs for your covering systems.  We even have 31050 axle bearing parts!

Greg Brown


rollrite logo

Roll Rite Tarp Systems for sale-BENLEE


Roll Rite Tarps-BENLEE

Roll-Rite Tarp System Roll Off Trailer Parts Truck Parts

ROLL-RITE 10120 Electric Motor- Super Duty

Roll Rite 10120 motor

Roll-Rite Tarp System Roll Off Trailer Parts Truck Parts

ROLL-RITE 76760 Upper Side Arm

Roll Rite tarping systems

Roll-Rite Tarp System Roll Off Trailer Parts Truck Parts

ROLL-RITE 31050 Tarp Axle Bearing

Roll Rite Tarp installation

Roll-Rite Tarp System Roll Off Trailer Parts Truck Parts

ROLL-RITE 46070 Under Mount Pivot D/S

Roll Rite-BENLEE parts for sale


Gresen-V40, V20, Parts-Roll off trailers, Roll off Trucks-Parker, Dealer

October 8, 2016

Gresen Valves-Hydraulic-Parker

V40, V20, Parts, Handles, Filters

Roll off Trailer Manufacturer BENLEE,, is also a major Dealer and Disributor of Gresen, Parker.  We carry a full line of Gresen Parts, Handles, filters, Valves and more.  Power Beyond, Directional Control, 2712, 2702, 2701, 575 and more.   If you need parts for you roll off truck, roll off Trailer, BENLEE, Clement, Dragon, Galbreath, call us.  If you need a handle, or a repair kit, call us.

Greg Brown





Roll off Trailer Valve-Gresen-BENLEE-V40, V20

Gresen Handle-BENLEE

Roll off Trailer Gresen Handle-BENLEE.


Roll off trailers-BENLEE-1.31.16

January 31, 2016

Roll off Trailers for Sale

Roll off trailers are in stock for fast delivery at BENLEE.  We have changed the game to support the market and have trailers in stock for literally same day shipment.  We stock trailers with 2, 3 and 7 axle, for when you get a contract fast, or feel now is the time to get that unit you have been thinking about.

Roll off Trailer by BENLEE!

So if you are in Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Ft Wayne, North Carolina, Alabama, Dallas, Ft Worth or more, call us!

Greg Brown


Roll off Trailers

Roll off Trailers for Sale

Roll off Trailer – BENLEE

Alabama, AL, Birmingham, Montgomery-Roll off Trailers for Sale

December 28, 2015

Alabama is an important market for us at BENLEE.  We have customers in all parts major cities including, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa and more.  We ship Roll off trailers to those cities as well as Hoover, Decator, Auburn and Madison!  We have roll off trailers that are 26′ to 44′ long for customers in Alabama.  We are the #1 Roll off trailer Manufacturer in the U.S.

One of our best selling units is our Roll off Truck Replacement trailer, the Super Mini!  Better than a roll off truck in every way.

Greg Brown



Roll off Trailers for Sale-BENLEE

AL-Call 734-722-8100 for Roll off Trailers

Alabama BENLEE Roll off Trailers for sale

Zip codes 36117, 35242, 36695, 36116, 35405 are all important to us

Ohio, OH, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinati, Roll off Trailers for Sale

December 26, 2015

Ohio is a great market for BENLEE as we have Roll off Trailers for Sale.  We even have roll off trailers in stock.  We have major customers in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo and more.  We even sell to customers in Akron, Dayton, Parma, Canton, Youngstown and Lorain.  Just call us at 734-722-8100 for more information.

BENLEE has led the industry for a short 41 years and continues to create value to our customers.  People call Roll off Trailers a “BENLEE”.  There is a reason we lead the industry.  It is due to we are the best of best.

Safety is #1 in all our  designs and all we do.  We have a a trailer for every application and every need you have, from Scrap Metal to Waste.  We have every cable, tarp, pin, sheave, valve in stock for same day shipment or same day pick up.

Greg Brown




Roll Off Trailer


Chicago, IL Roll off Trailers for Sale

December 26, 2015

Chicago, IL is an important market for us at BENLEE.  We are just down the road in Michigan and have many customers in the Chicago area.  We stock roll off trailers for same day sale and shipment.  We even have a Roll off Truck replacement trailer called the Super Mini.  Call us at 734-722-8100.  We sell to customers in Oakbrook, Naperville, Schaumburg, Rockford and more.  When it comes to Roll off Trailers, call BENLEE!

Greg Brown



Zip codes 60661, 60617, 60632, 60652 are some of the many we ship to

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