Roll off Trailer Parts, Roll off Truck Parts, Roll off Parts

August 13, 2015

Roll off Trailer Parts
Roll off Truck Parts
Roll off Parts
Roll off trailer parts as well as Roll off truck parts are all in stock at BENLEE.  We stock every:
-hydraulic part,
-Tarps and Tarp systems
You can call us at 734-722-8100 and order, or go to our online parts store-see On Line Parts Store and order 24/7.
We have:
-Roll Rite
-and much more!
Greg Brown

Roll off Trailers, Roll-off Trailers

August 12, 2015

Roll off Trailers
Roll-off Trailers
Roll off trailers are one of our best selling products at BENLEE.  We have been known for decades as making the true work horse in the Industry.  The 40′ Conventional Roll off 40′ Tri, that weighs 22,000 lbs and can pick up anything, with its 80,000 GVW rating!!
Today things are different.  We have two newer products that are true winners.
1) BridgeMaster-This 80,000 GVW trailer now only weighs 16,300 lbs.  This means with an 18,000 Tractor and a 5,300 lb. box, you can get about 16% more in each box, which is almost 6,000 lbs. more.  Importantly it only has two axles, yet it is still 80,000 GVW, so less tires, brakes, etc!
2) Super Mini-this is a true Roll off Truck Replacement.  This trailer at only 25′ 11″, when put behind a day cab is only 12″ longer than a roll off tuck, yet due to it pivots, it gets into a tighter spot than a roll off truck.  It also only costs about $45,000 with FET so if you have an underutilized power unit, you have a new roll off truck for $45,000.  AND in most states it carries about 50% more than a roll off truck!
Greg Brown

Roll off Trailer Frame Straightening-BENLEE-Trucks and Dump Trailers-734-722-8100

July 27, 2015

Roll off Trailers
Frame Straightening
Trucks and Dumps
Roll off Trailer Frame Straightening or other trailers and Dump Trucks and all Trailers is a service that we provide at BENLEE
Accidents happen, even though most of us think safety every day.  If you get in an accident, we work with you and your insurance company on making your truck or trailer look like new. 
We have an experienced team to fix your trailer or truck and get you back on the road.  We can have your trailer leave our operation with a new paint job so no one would even know you had an accident.
If Frame Straightening is a service you need.  Call us at BENLEE, at 734-722-8100
Greg Brown

Roll off Trailers For Scrap Metal-BENLEE-Call 734-722-8100

July 6, 2015

Roll off Trailers for Sale
Scrap Metal
Roll off trailers have many applications in scrap metal operations.
Super Mini-Roll off Truck Replacement
This is a great unit that when put behind a power unit (tractor) is only about 12″ longer than a straight roll off truck.  It carries the same 20, 30, 40 yard boxes as a straight truck, but due to the way it pivots, it gets into a tighter spot than a roll off truck.  With FET, it costs about $45,000 and in most states carries about 50% more weight than a roll off truck.
These roll off trailers carry the same 20, 30, 40 yard boxes as a Super Mini, but it also carries up to a 30′ box, so about a 60 yard box.Super Mini Long

Great roll off trailers that with only two axles has a Federal Bridge of 80,000 GVW and can carry 80 yard boxes, yet it only weighs 17,500 lbs.!

Benlee Roll off trailer

Roll off Trailers-BENLEE

Roll off Trailer-BridgeMaster
Roll off trailers that can be over permitted and with its three axles is also 80,000 GVW.
Roll off trailers

Roll off Trailers-BENLEE

BENLEE Roll off trailer conventional

Roll off Trailer-Conventional
A family of roll off trailers!
Greg Brown

Pup Trailer roll off for Sale at BENLEE-Call 734-722-8100

June 25, 2015

Pup Roll off Trailers
Roll off Trailers for sale
Pup roll off trailers are a key way to increase productivity by carrying two roll off boxes at one time.  Here at BENLEE we have a pup roll off trailer in stock to meet your needs.  Call us at 734-722-8100 and we can discuss the type of pup trailer you may need.  We even stock them for same day shipment or pick up.
Greg Brown

Scrap Hauler-Open Top Trailer, Gondola-BENLEE-734-722-8100

June 24, 2015

Open Top Trailer
Scrap Hauler
Open Top Trailer
Open Top Trailers by BENLEE are a great productivity tool.  They carry up to about 125 cubic yards in one haul.  When taking material to a shredder, or taking material out of a demo site and you need to move material quickly, using our Open Top scrap haulers are the way to go.  To see our site, click here> Scrap Hauler, Open Top,
Scrap hauler, Open Top, Benlee

BENLEE, Open Top, Gondola scrap Trailer

BENLEE, Open top scrap hauler, gondola, 734-722-8100

Open Top, Scrap Hauler, BENLEE


Of course we make a every type of roll off trailer you need, but also call us for scrap, open top trailers.
Greg Brown

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