Roll Rite Tarp Systems and Parts For Roll off Trailers

October 31, 2015

Roll Rite Tarp systems and parts are all for sale at BENLEE for roll off trailers and Dump Trailers.  We have tarps, motors, arms and more.  We ship all parts same day or you can even come to pick up your parts!  Call us at 734-722-8100 or write us at

Greg Brown


Roll Rite Tarp Systems and Parts

Roll off Trailer for Sale

October 24, 2015

Roll off Trailers are in stock and for Sale at BENLEE.  We have everything from our Roll off Truck replacement trailer, the Super Mini, that is only 26′ long, as well as the BridgeMaster, which is an 80,000 GVW 40′ Trailer that carries 20-80 Yard boxes.  Call us at 734-722-8100 for  a quote.

Roll off Trailers in Stock

September 11, 2015

Roll off Trailers in Stock
Call 734-722-8100
Roll off trailers are in stock this month at BENLEE for same day shipment.  We cut out the middle man with our world class support, almost zero Warranty issues and best of the best spare parts support, complete with same day shipping of 99%+ of any and every part you would ever need. 
So when it comes to needing a roll off trailer, from California to Maine and Texas to Ohio, call us at BENLEE for all your roll off trailer needs.  Dallas, Chicago and more!
For those that are looking for a roll off truck, call is about our Super Mini–our Roll off Truck replacement, trailer!
Greg Brown


Roll Off Trailer Tarp Systems

September 4, 2015

Roll off Trailer Tarp Systems
BENLEE Roll off Trailers
Roll off trailer tarp systems are becoming more and more important in today’s safety world.
Many states now require tarp systems due to safety, with the issue of material flying out.
Tarps, Tarp systems and Tarp System parts are in stock at BENLEE for same day shipment.
We have in stock
-Roll Rite
-Mountain Top
We have everything from simple pull tarp systems to completely automated. 
Call us!
Greg Brown

Roll off Trailer Safety-New Back Up Alarm

September 3, 2015

Roll off Trailer Safety
Back up Alarm
Roll off trailer safety is key to what we do.  Safety is #1.  We have made a number of upgrades and additions to our trailers to help our customers.
Our newest upgrade as a back up alarm that requires no additional wiring due to it is mechanical.  It attaches to an axle and has a loud bell!!
A great new addition to our roll off trailers, open top scrap gondola trailers, pup and dump trailers with no added cost to you.
Safety is #1.
Greg Brown

Roll off Trailers for Sale in Texas-Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington and more!

August 27, 2015

Roll off Trailers for Sale in Texas
Houston, San Antonio, Dallas
Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso
Roll off trailers for the Texas market is one of our focuses.  We have a great Roll off Truck replacement trailer, called the Super Mini. 
People use roll off trucks due to they are short and maneuverable.  The Super Mini, when you put it behind a Power Unit (Tractor), it is
-Just about the same length (12″ longer)
-Gets into a tighter spot due to it pivots
-Carries about 50% more weight legally
-Only costs about $50,000 with FET.  A roll off Truck is about $175-$200K+
BENLEE‘s two box (double box) roll off trailer is becoming the new industry standard due to incredible ability to move boxes smoothly and easily!
Of course our BridgeMaster 80,000 GVW unit is the best of the best when it comes to the ability to carry anywhere from 20 yard to 80 yard boxes!
So when it comes to Roll off Trailers, Call BENLEE at 734-722-8100.
Greg Brown
Some of the Cities we service in Texas
-San Antonio
-Fort Worth
-El Paso

and zip codes


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