Lugger Trucks for Rent-at Premier Truck Sales and Rental

April 3, 2016

Lugger Trucks for Rent

Rent a Lugger Truck

Lugger Trucks for Rent are the newest product at Premier Truck Sales & Rental (

Call  1-800-825-1255   Rent a Lugger Truck

Premier has now teamed with BENLEE ( to make and rent lugger trucks.  Premier is the lead company in the U.S. for renting all types of trucks and roll off trailers.

BENLEE is now in production of lugger hoists and Premier is now renting them.  They can be rented by the day, by the week, the month and the year.  These are of course the best in the industry lugger hoists of the Huge Haul design of Load Lugger models, but now built by the industry leader in roll off trailers, BENLEE.

Greg Brown


Rent a Lugger Truck


Lugger Truck Rental-Premier

Lugger Truck Rental-Premier Truck Sales

Los Angeles, California, Roll off Trailers for Sale, San Diego, San Franciso, CA

March 19, 2016

Los Angeles, CA., Roll off Trailers for Sale

San Diego, San Francisco,  Fresno, Sacramento

Roll off Trailers in California, is what we are about at BENLEE.  We have off trailers in stock for same day shipment to California.  We have the great Roll off Truck replacement, called the Super Mini, that does everything a roll off truck does but better.  We also have Two Box Trailers, that carry double boxes for those long distance hauls, sometimes called a rocket launcher.  We also have 80,000 GVW trailer such as our industry standard Bridge Master that is 80,000 GVW with only two axles!

Our trailers are optimized for your application such as Waste, Scrap Metal, C&D Demo, Environmental, Landscaping and more.

Call us at 734-722-8100 and ask for Jeff!

Greg Brown


California Roll off Trailers for Sale

Roll off Trailers, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA

California Roll off Trailers for Sale

Los Angeles, Roll off Trailers, San Francisco, CA

California, Roll off Trailers, BridgeMaster

Atlanta, GA, Augusta, Roll Off Trailers for Sale

February 23, 2016

Atlanta, Georgia

Roll off Trailers for Sale

Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah

Athens, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Johns Creek

Roll off Trailers are for Sale at BENLEE.  We are the largest Roll off Trailer manufacturer in North America.  We stock roll off trailers for immediate delivery.  We sell trailer to all areas of Georgia on a regular basis, including Atlanta, Augusta and more.  This includes zip codes such as 30906, 30349, 30066, 30022, 30083, 30093, 30044 and more.  We have 80,000 GVW Trailers that carry 20, 30, 40 Yard boxes as well as 60 and 80 yard boxes.  We even have a roll off truck replacement trailer called the Super Mini.  We also sell to Columbus, Macon, Savannah, Athens, Sandy Springs, Roswell and more.

Call us today at 734-722-8100.

Greg Brown


Atlanta, GA Roll off Trailers for Sale

Georgia, Atlanta, Roll off Trailer Manufacturer

Atlanta, GA, Augusta, Roll off Trailers for Sale


Lugger Trucks-New, Hoists, Load Lugger-Huge Haul BENLEE

February 20, 2016

Lugger Trucks, Lugger Hoists

Huge Haul Load Lugger

Lugger Trucks also known as Load Lugger Trucks will be for sale at BENLEE starting next month.  BENLEE will be announcing formally the acquisition of Huge Haul, the premier Lugger Truck builder in the United States.

BENLEE will use its quality and engineering systems to ensure that the Huge Haul Load Lugger design is improved upon to be truly best in class, so when it comes to looking for a Lugger Truck for Sale, Call BENLEE at 734-722-8100.  We will also back it with the best support in the industry including having 99% of all spare parts in stock that you would been for same day shipment or pick up.

Also, sorry we do not have any new pictures yet, so see below for some old Huge Haul pictures


Benlee, Lugger Trucks, New, Huge Hual

Lugger Trucks, Lugger Hoists, Huge Haul, BENLEE

Greg Brown


Roll off Trailer Manufacturer

February 19, 2016

Roll off Trailer Manufacturer

Roll off Trailers for Sale

Roll off trailers are in Stock for immediate shipment at BENLEE.  This includes the best selling roll off truck replacement trailer, the Super Mini.  This roll off trailer does everything a roll off truck does, but better.

-More maneuverable (only 25′ 11″ long)

-Carries more weights (50% more legally in most states

-Costs alot less!!

BENLEE Super Mini Roll off Trailer

Roll off Trailer-BENLEE

Roll off Trailer-Roll off Truck Replacement



BENLEE 80,000 GVW Roll off Trailer

Roll off Trailer-BENLEE

Roll off Trailer-BridgeMaster-80,000 GVW


Greg Brown


Gondola Scrap Trailers for Sale-BENLEE

February 15, 2016

Gondola Scrap Trailers for Sale

Scrap Metal Trailers for Sale

Gondola scrap metal trailers are for sale at BENLEE.  We build and stock trailers for the scrap metal industry.  They are robust, but light, due to they have not frame!  If you are looking for an open top trailer for sale, call us at 734-722-8100.

Scrap Metal semi trailers if build right are heavy haulers.  We have Gondola scrap trailer for sale right here in MI for you to run in the U.S., Canada or Mexico.  Sorry at this time we have not used open top trailers for sale.

Greg Brown


Gondola Open Top Trailers for sale

Scrap Trailer for Sale-BENLEE

Gondola Open Top Trailer-BENLEE

Open Top Gondola Scrap Trailer

Scrap Trailer-Open Top-BENLEE

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